Gummy Bear Filled Heart Cookies

Baking… It’s like you give a little piece of your heart when you make someone homemade cookies, right? With these adorable (and easy to make) Gummy Bear Filled Heart Cookies, your love really shows! They’re perfect for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or any day you’re baking for someone you love. How to Make These Super Easy …

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Chocolate Chip Snowball Cookies

What does your family call these delicious little balls of powdered sugar yumminess? Snowball cookies? Mexican Wedding Cookies? Russian Tea Cakes? Or maybe you were like my family… We called them white mice and rolled them into adorable little mouse shapes. But there is one thing we didn’t do when I was little and that …

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Grinch Day – 15 Ways to Celebrate

How the Grinch Stole Christmas {affiliate} is one of my favorite books from when I was little.  And now I’m introducing it to my daughter by celebrating Grinch Day today with a bunch of fun activities.  Here are 15 Ways to Celebrate Grinch Day: some messy, some silly, some yummy and all really, really green…  This post contains …

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How to Make Edible Water Bubbles

Food science. It’s totally one of my favorite ways to learn. Because what’s better than making your brain bigger while you snack? Today’s project is a totally fun one… Edible water bubbles. They owe their jiggly self to something chefs use called molecular gastronomy. Read on to learn more about edible water bubbles, molecular gastronomy, …

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Thanksgiving Science Activities

If you’ve been hanging around Left Brain Craft Brain much at all these days, you’ll realize that I like writing about food.  Maybe I’m just a food blogger trapped in the body of a kids’ craft blogger.  But I’m also perpetually curious about how things work and the science behind the everyday.  Which brings me …

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