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But they just want to have fun.


How many times has this happened to you? You spend time poring over the web looking for the right resource that will ignite the classroom or home, only to see that glazed look on the kids' eyes. That, "Please, not one more boring worksheet." look...

It doesn't have to be this way!! But how...

STEAM Makes Learning Fun.

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. And kids love it.

STEAM challenges kids to explore things they're passionate about.
STEAM helps kids learn to think creatively and solve problems.
STEAM makes everyday core skills more sticky.

STEAM helps kids learn while they're having fun.

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A brand new digital magazine for kids

It's packed with
exciting activities they'll love.
And hands-on learning YOU'll Love.

Something new every month.

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Explore Inside!

Watch the video to get an inside look at STEAM Explorers.

STEAM Explorers is a brand new digital magazine for kids loaded with science, technology, engineering, art, and math. And fun. Each issue has cool projects, entertaining printables, interesting stuff to read, tutorial videos, and more fun
the kids can do on their own. Includes a kid-safe online project portal, too!

Flip Through a Sneak Peek


STEAM is the abbreviation for
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math.
It’s an integrated approach to learning that encourages students to think more broadly about real-world problems.

It's exciting.

There's nothing like science, tech, engineering, art, and math to ignite curious brains! Have you ever heard "that's boring" when lemonade changes color or they see a cookie icing machine?

It's not just

Art makes STEM better by improving idea inhibition, focusing on the process (where learning happens!), encouraging innovation, and honing mathematical concepts.

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It's the future.

STEM jobs are expected to grow by 16% in the US between 2014 & 2024. And right now, science & engineering careers earn more than double the income of the median job in the United States.

It's Innovative.

STEAM is not just the next big trend. STEAM will help our children's generation save our world by asking questions, thinking creatively, problem solving, and being the change for what ails us.

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STEAM Explorers is the coolest new creative adventure for kids. Check out what you get every month with your membership.

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You need activities kids can get excited about that inspire their creativity. Like a Chemical Reaction Car, Layers of the Earth Pudding Cups, and Toilet Paper Roll Upcycling. STEAM Explorers has what they (and you!) want.

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Each month is loaded with real learning activities hidden inside the fun. Kids will be inspired by Citizen Science, career inspiration, and knowledge about things they encounter in our world. And it's all written in a way that will keep them reading from cover to cover!

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Fun Monthly

STEAM Explorers never gets old because it's different every month! Explore interesting themes like the Earth, animals, space, electronics, and more. Each month is packed with a new digital magazine, new printables, new videos, and more!

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Check out some of the projects

Become a STEAM Explorer. Save this week only!

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Is STEAM Explorers
right for your kids?

Are you a teacher who needs help with lesson planning?
A scout leader tasked with teaching STEM?
After school program coordinator?
Museum, library, or community educator?
A homeschooler?
A parent? A grandparent?
Or maybe you're just short on time!

Anyone can use these resources with their elementary aged children. They've been designed to make it easy for you to teach your children, educate them, inspire them, and have fun with them doing STEAM!


STEAM Explorers projects and activities vary across a wide range of interests and abilities. Children as young as Kindergarten (age 5 or 6) all the way up to Grade 6 (age 12) would find something interesting inside. Younger kids may need some adult supervision while older kids can do most activities on their own.

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What people are saying about STEAM Explorers

“As my kids are getting older, I love to offer them ways to embrace their own independent activities and learning through play. STEAM Explorers lets them explore new activities and ideas completely on their own. Of course, I always love it when they are so excited that they invite me to join in!”

Jill, parent

"I like this magazine because it has really creative ideas
and it has a lot of crafts to do. Our family is very crafty.
It has different things to learn about but my favorite thing is that it has stuff you can eat that is fun and creative."


Maddy, 12 years old

Learning can be fun. And Fun can be learning!

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Check out what's in STEAM Explorers


STEAM Explorers is packed with amazing ways for the kids to have fun while they're learning. 

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Monthly Digital Magazine

Get exciting projects packed into a full digital magazine ready to hand over to the kids or incorporate into lesson planning. The easy to read format can be printed or flipped through online.

Online Project Portal

Safe, online environment for kids and adults to explore projects, printables, videos, and more.

Watch the video to get a sneak peek inside.


Fun Printables

Entertaining and secretly educational printables that the kids will love. Perfect for those times when you just need a few minutes of independent activity.

Helpful & Entertaining

Video tutorials to help make the projects successful and fun. And educational, too! All in a safe delivery space for kids (no YouTube continuous play).


Bonus Resources
For the Adults

We've got bonus resources to make STEAM Explorers worth your investment. Whether you're a parent, teacher, homeschooler, or grandparent, get the help you need in our STEAM Explorers Facebook group and Teacher's Corner.

Become a STEAM Explorer. Save this week only!

Save with the coupon EXPLORESAVE5.


Want to get a peek inside this month's digital magazine?

We've included a sample project so you and the kids can get having fun and learning with STEAM right away!


Get help from
a STEAM Expert.

You are busy. Really busy. WE GET IT! Your time is better spent WITH your kids! Not spending hours trying to create materials and lessons.... that they won't declare BORING!

The good news is STEAM Explorers creator Anne Carey has you covered. She's the MIT chemical engineer and creative brain behind Left Brain Craft Brain, a hands-on STEAM activity blog. She's also the publisher of STEAM Kids,
the best-selling series of science, tech, engineering, art, and math activity books for kids.

Millions of website visitors and 50,000+ books later and she knows what kids love and what you need to easily
introduce STEAM into their world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers. Simply click the + to expand the answers.

STEAM Explorers is a monthly digital membership filled with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) hands-on activities for kids. It includes a digital magazine, online project portal, Helpful video tutorials, fun printables, and a STEAM Explorer private Facebook group for the grown-ups.

STEAM Explorers is a monthly activity subscription. Every month you will receive a new set of projects and digital resources. You pay only $14.99 a month, a $5 monthly savings for being a founding member.

The products vary across a wide range of interests and abilities. Children as young as Kindergarten (age 5 or 6) all the way up to Grade 6 (age 12) would find something interesting in STEAM Explorers.

First, kids! STEAM is an amazing and entertaining way to prepare our kids for the future.

Anyone interested in providing interesting, fun and integrated activities for elementary students would benefit from STEAM Explorers. That includes parents, homeschoolers, teachers, aides, librarians, camp coordinators, after school club organizers, scout leaders, public program coordinators and more!

All the resources will be delivered in PDF format for you to download and store until you are ready to use them. You can print them or read them on a tablet, mobile device, or computer. The digital magazine can also be read online with an easy to use page flipping app to give you that magazine feel.

After you create a STEAM Explorers membership, you will create a login ID and sent to the STEAM Explorers online project portal. There you can download your resources and watch videos.

Absolutely! We want you to be happy with STEAM Explorers and think you will love the resources, but if it's not the right fit for your family or classroom, you can cancel at any time. No long term contracts.

Yes, we totally understand that you may not need the resources during the summer. Just contact us when you're ready to pause your membership.

Inspire the kids to love learning with

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Save with the coupon EXPLORESAVE5.

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