Summer STEAM Challenges for Kids

Summer vacation is here and it’s time to get your STEAM on!! Get outside and play while you have fun with some science, technology, engineering, art, and math! These FREE Summer STEAM Challenges are a perfect way to prevent the dreaded summer brain drain factor or just to have a good time this summer.  Plus, they’re super easy to set up and most use supplies you already have on hand because who needs complicated during summer break?!

Get outside and play while you have fun with some science, technology, engineering, art and math with these Summer STEAM Challenges for Kids.

Get outside and play while you have fun with some science, technology, engineering, art and math with these Summer STEAM Challenges for Kids.

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Summer STEAM Challenges for Kids

We have three goals this summer… Get outside. Have fun. Do some STEAM :) And these summer STEAM challenges are a great way to start because they’re entertaining, but don’t require much work. Your first step to having fun is to have us email you these free cards and then print them out. Then leave them hanging up for the kids to pick an activity when they say they’re bored or want some screen time.


Here are a few of our favorites…

Make a Magnifying Glass Out of A Clear Water Bottle: Did you know that you have a magnifying glass right in your fridge? Simply hold a full one (or a refilled one!) up to what you want a closer look at, like plants and bugs. We love Voss water bottles for this, but any without a ton of ridges will work.

Explore Shadows: Grab some toys, some chalk, and some sun and start tracking shadows. We love this activity because it’s so easy, but it lasts all day long! Just tell the kids, “Go check your shadows!” and before you know it, they’ll be outside, playing again :)

Make a Sculpture with PVC Pipe and Pool Noodles: This one might require a trip to the hardware store, but it’s really worth it. Kids can make giant sculptures in the back yard (or the living room if it’s rainy!) with pool noodles and cut pieces of PVC pipe used as connectors. Grab some elbow connectors and other fittings to make it even coolor.

Paper Airplanes and Hula Hoops: Kids can play aeronautical engineer by designing and folding paper airplanes and then testing them by flying them through hula hoops. Have more than one kid? Have one kid hold the hoop while the other flies the plane. But if  you only have one kiddo like me, you can tie the hula hoop in a tree or prop it on a wall.

Download Your Summer STEAM Challenge Cards

To get going on your challenges this month, you get the free printable emailed to you! Just fill out the form below and you’ll be having fun in no time.

More Summer Fun for Kids

Too hot outside to play? Need a quiet time break or something for a road trip? Try this Summer Agamograph Coloring Activity!

summer agamograph coloring activity with sun and beach coloring pages on yellow

Looking for a plan to keep the kids busy all month long? Grab the STEAM Explorers Summer Fun ebook!! 

Kids will love building a Ferris wheel, flying a tie-dyed kite, learning about bubble science, crafting a keychain that changes color in the sun, popping kettle corn, and so much more! You’ll love the helpful standards-based learning, printables, and tools that make STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, & math) exploration easy!

straw ferris wheel, chalk bot, ice cream cone origami, tie dyed paper kite collage

How about some more STEAM Fun for the Rest of the Year, too!?!

Looking for some more STEAM inspiration that you can use right now? Instant gratification style? Check out  STEAM Explorers!! The coolest new creative experience for kids is here! Think digital magazine meets online project portal in a safe, kid-friendly environment. (No more worrying about what might be hidden in that YouTube vid!) All engineer, teacher, and mom approved. And most definitely KID APPROVED!⁣

What’s included?⁣

  • A monthly digital magazine with cool themes that's fun to read
  • Hands-on, exciting projects the kids will love.⁣
  • Science, tech, engineering, art, and math learning YOU’LL love.⁣
  • Delicious recipes the kids can make.⁣
  • Fun printables and games⁣

Check out our latest Sports issue, inspired by your favorite sports and the athletes who love them!


All packed up in an easy-to-do package, ready for kids ages 6-12 to have fun.



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