Superhero STEM Activities for Kids

Is there anything more inspiring than your favorite superhero? I think not! This set of learning activities will get your kiddos excited about all things superhero STEM. Add these activities to your favorite list of superhero STEM activities for kids!

My little lady is a huge superhero fan. We have had epic battles in the backyard and lots of inviting learning activities all around our favorite superheroes. No doubt these activities will get your little creators excited about their next learning activity!

Inspire the superhero in your child with these fun Superhero STEM Activities that combine their favorite characters with science, coding, math, and more!

Inspire the superhero in your child with these fun Superhero STEM Activities that combine their favorite characters with science, coding, math, and more!

Superhero STEAM Challenges

There are so many cool ways to incorporate you kids favorite characters into learning. Our favorite superhero STEM activities start with these Superhero STEAM Challenge Cards. Kids can grow kryptonite crystals, build an Arc Reactor or Gotham City, or test their superhero speed. Download the free printable cards with the form below to get your superhero STEM on!!



Awesome Superhero STEM Activities

Superheroes are pretty amazing and super motivating for your creative kids. Use these themed activities to learn more about science, math, coding, and more!

Lego Rubber Band Car Superhero STEM Activity – Batman is a classic superhero who always seems to have the coolest vehicles! Create your own rubber band powered vehicle with your trusty Lego bricks and help Batman save the day.

Superhero Lighting Bolt – Storm is one of my favorite superheroes. She is courageous and has the ability to create lightning! Your kids can create their own lighting bolt with just a couple simple materials. I love that I have all the materials in my creator stash and am so excited to share this with the neighbor kids!

Math Skip Counting To 1,000 – Practicing skip counting has never been this much fun! Anytime you can make math more enticing for kids it’s a win. Create simple superhero themed clothes pins for a fun way to practice the important math skill of skip counting.

Big Hero 6 Engineering Challenge – Have you seen Big Hero 6? I love how creativity, innovation, and standing up for your ideas is encouraged in the movie. Practice all these amazing skills with this fun take on the classic egg drop experiment.

What Makes Ice Melt Fastest? – Rider is a new superhero for the younger generation. Sometimes he gets into some tough situations and needs your help! This simple science experiment is a great way to study what make ice melt


Superhero Computer Coding Game Without a Computer – What? Coding without a computer. I’m in! Use your favorite superhero figurines for a simple coding game with bricks and tape. I can’t believe how easy it is to make this DIY coding game for kids!

A Secret Code Activity for KidsMake your next math practice ZOOM with this super simple decoding activity. Tasks like multiplication drills are brought to life with some of your favorite superheroes. All you need is a secret to decode and your trusty sidekick to make learning fun!

More Superhero STEM Kids Activities

Batman Science: Escape from Ice Mountain! – If you have little scientists at home, this is the perfect experiment for them. Kids love saving their superhero friends from the bad guys. Freeze your favorite superhero and give your kids the tools to help him escape ice mountain.

Superhero Slime – You know we are big fans of awesome slime recipes! Create your own superhero slime in jut two minutes with materials you already have at home. I love the addition of superhero erasers! Your kids are going to love this one!

Batman vs. Superman Lego Math Games – Batman and Superman have been rivals for as long as I can remember. This is a great spin on a classic good guy competition. Use number cards like Uno and your Duplo bricks to teach the concept of grater than and less than to little learners.

A Magnetic Superhero STEM Challenge for Kids – Spiderman never disappoints! Now your child’s favorite web slinger will use magnets to move trains to safety. All you need are some magnets and a couple figures from your toy box.

Want a Superhero Activity Plan Ready to Go?

Love superheroes? Make activity planning easy with a made-for-you activity pack! Inside the STEAM Explorers Superheroes Ebook, we're exploring STEAM with superpowers, gadgets, epic battles, and super stories. The ebook is packed with easy-to-follow instructions, real science, technology, engineering, art, and math learning, and everything else you need to make STEAM a success with your kids. And as always, it's packed with printables to make your days even easier, too. 

Kids will love creating their own comic book, showing off their light-up superpower ring, blasting rockets, making Gotham art, and so much more.




And don’t forget to grab your Superhero STEAM Challenge Cards!!


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